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Welcome to Our Website Easiest Tuts So Guys Today I am Sharing the Avee Player App For Easiest Tuts Community. You Can Easily Download this Avee Player App Just By Clicking on Below Download Button Fast and Easy. But First We Should What is Avee Player and also We Will Discuss About Avee Player Technical File Information. You Might Also Like Avee Player Love Template So Let Get Started 

What is Avee Player?

Avee Player App is a lightweight and full-powered music player. It is capable of playing almost any type of audio file formats, such as MP3, AAC, OGG, WAV, and FLAC. Alternatively, you can create playlists and read other file formats like pl, pls, mpcpl, plp, m3u, m3u8.

He said that the most unique feature of Avee Player App is its size. Weighing less than 5MB, you can listen to all the music stored on your device with a full-featured bootloader, without having to carry all your memory.

Another added bonus is that the EV Player has a timer so you can automatically turn off your music and control the app via Bluetooth. In addition, there is a toggle feature to customize your audio-visual.

Avee Player App is a great music player with a wide range of features and a beautiful interface while taking up very little space on your phone.

Notable features include audio visualizer and easy HD video production.
While all visualizers are widely customized. Color / Shape / Size / Audio Response / Your own image and more tweaks.

By Using this Avee Player App You can import and export Visual Insights templates as a file and find many others shared online.

Now We Should Talk About Feature about Avee Player App. That is Very Important For You to Know.

Feature of Avee Player App?

  • Most popular media formats supported
  • Direct folder browsing with folder shortcuts
  • Custom audio visualizer.
  • Export viewer as an HD video file.
  • Search libraries, queues, files, ...
  • Screen orientation lock
  • Read and save playlists (pl, pls, mpcpl, plp, m3u, m3u8)
  • Lock screen and status bar widget
  • Supports media and blue tooth control
  • Sleep timer
  • Equal
  • Crossfeed and gap reduction transitions
  • UI colored skins
  • 2 types of internal players

Special note about microphone permission:
While this Avee Player App asks for microphone permission, it does not reach the microphone to listen to audio from the device itself but uses this permission to access the global audio stream at the software level. It is used by the Native playback engine and is currently maintained for compatibility reasons.

Now Final Let's Talk About Technical File Information of Avee Player.

Technical Fie Information

  • Author: Daaw Aww
  • Uploaded By: Easiest Tuts
  • License: Free
  • Download Link: MediaFire
  • Version: 1.2.83
  • File Size: 4.75 Mb or Less
  • Language English (44 more)
  • Package: Namecom.daaw.avee
  • Download Link: Media Fire
  • Signature: b9e135f4b1c85ee384cb9e937617a6df
  • Date: 10.05.2020

If You Want to Download Avee Player App Click on Below Download Button.


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